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Wicked Lasers are…..WICKED!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
posted by SmartStun 9:06 AM

We get asked all the time if and how Wicked Lasers can be considered self defense weapons.  And, the truth is that they can be, but not in the traditional sense.

First, Wicked Lasers offers The Torch, a flashlight that not only is bright enough to literally light up the entire city block I live on, but also so bright that it generates enough heat to fry an egg on its lens.  Think that’s bright?????  The college kids who live next to me and have thrown parties way into the morning can attest to going “HOLY CRAP” what just happened, when I’ve climbed onto my roof at 2 am and turned on the Torch.  I turn it off before they can realize what happened or where the beam is coming from.  Its pretty dang funny.

Also, Wicked Lasers offers several models of lasers that are all so bright and intense that they can either be used to shine a laser dot onto someone’s chest, which if you’re wanting to protect yourself, giving the impression that you’re armed with something that has a laser sight on it, usually does the job.  Also, if needed, but not recommended here, you can shine it into their eyes…’ll blind them.  Of course, if they mean you harm, blinding them is probably less deadly than actually putting a .38 in them.

Your call on how you want to use them, but we support Wicked Lasers because we know how incredibly awesome they are!

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns

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Wicked Lasers

Thursday, January 27, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:25 PM

I love Wicked Lasers.  They’re a brand of high intensity lasers that are very effective in self defense.

Not only do Wicked Lasers blind an attacker or mugger if they’re shined in their eyes, but the lasers also get super hot.  You can actually melt plastic with some of these things and/or start a match stick on fire.  They’re much more intense than the little laser pointers speakers use in presentations.

Many people are fearful that these self defense weapons may be outlawed soon.  So, Wicked Lasers is seeing  huge jump in business as of late.  Nothing like a little governmental control to cause a spike in sales, huh?

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Wicked Laser

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
posted by SmartStun 1:36 PM

I have to admit, just a few months ago, I had never heard of Wicked Lasers.  But, thanks to my father….

Yes, Wicked Lasers.  These things are wild.  At first, I was like, okay, an ultra bright laser….yeah, that’s cool.  But, then I did some research and actually held one in my hand.  HOLY CRAP!  Some of the models are so intense, they’ll actually start matches on fire.  And, all of the models are so bright that they’re considered self defense weapons as blinding an attacker (permanently) is possible.

If you’re the type who likes to live life a little differently than the rest, consider a Wicked Laser.

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