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Walking Cane Stun Guns

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
posted by SmartStun 5:38 PM

Whether you’re needing a cane or walking stick to walk with and want protection or you want some form of lengthy protetion against attacking dogs, the ZAP Stun Cane is very much worth considering.   They extend up to 36″ in length, good for tall people using a cane to walk with or good for reaching into an attacking dog’s body.  The deliver enough amperage and shock to stop any dog and most human attackers, too.

For dog’s though, they typically don’t even have to touch the animal.  Animal’s can generally sense the zap stun canenegative electrical charge in the air and they hear the electricity.  They know something “not nice” is happening and, 9 times out 10, will stop a full on charge just upon a test fire of the stun gun or stun cane.

They have a built in rechargeable battery and an ultra bright LED flashlight integrated into the handle for easy access.  Don’t delay in ordering, though, Christmas Season is almost upon us and, it seems that no matter how much inventory of canes we order each Fall, the manufacture is unable to keep up with demand and the cane sells out into back order status rather quickly.

Its a great weapon and protection.

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns


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The ZAP Stun Cane

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:47 PM

zap stun caneAre you someone who likes to go on walks at night?  Or, are you someone who just has to walk with a cane and needs some form of self defense weapon?  Do neighborhood thugs bother you or do the neighborhood dogs come chase you?  Well, the ZAP Stun Cane may just be what the doctor ordered.

The ZAP Stun Cane is an incredible item.  It is a fully functioning cane capable of supporting up to 250lbs of weight.  And, its adjustable from 32-36 inches.  And, that’s pretty much where it stops being your average cane.  You see, its also packed with 1 Million Volts of stun power, capable of dropping an attacker to the ground.  Its also go an ultra bright LED flashlight on board to help light your way at night.  Another great benefit of the stun cane is that if a dog comes near you, a quick test fire of the stun into the air is enough to stop any dog in their tracks. My dogs leave the room when I test fire them.  Safety and Protection all in the form of a useful and needed tool.

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