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TASER Guns Increasingly the Choice for Law Enforcement

Sunday, June 9, 2013
posted by SmartStun 8:04 AM

The law enforcement community loves TASER Guns.  Why?  Simple.  They are effective at stopping most people and they don’t run the chance of actually killing someone.

Okay, let’s clarify one thing:  I did say “effective at stopping MOST people”.  We have to acknowledge that no weapon is 100% effective against 100% of the people 100% of the time.  I mean, you can use a knife on someone.  Knives can stop someone, right?  But, they can also NOT stop someone.  Even a bullet from a gun can stop someone, right?  But, we also have to acknowledge the sometimes, when shot, people are still able to go after their victim.  Its a fact.  But, more times than not,TASER Guns are highly effective at stopping most people.

And, add to this the fact that officers don’t have to worry about investigations after shooting someone with a TASER, they are much more comfortable in using this non lethal weapon to A) protect themselves; B) protect you; and, C) stop the bad guy (or girl) to get them off the street and put away.

While many police departments have carried the TASER X26 for a number of years, now, they are beginning to carry the newest model, the TASER X2.  The X2 is unique in that it can start by firing a warning spark to let someone know they’re about to get hit.  And, if needed, the TASER Gun can then fire not one, but two shots at two people and bring them down at the same time.  Or, the second shot can be used as a back up, should the officer miss the first time.  And, now, as of this month, June, 2013, the X2 Defender is being made available to the civilian market.  Check’em out and you’ll see why the law enforcement community loves to rely on their TASER Guns.



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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:46 PM

How would you like to walk around with a weapon on your belt that says a lot to potential attackers about how they better not messtaser m26c with you?  The TASER M26C stands out so much that any would be attacker would be an idiot to pursue and attack or mugging with you.  The TASER Gun is so visible and is so respected that most people just “ooooh” and “aaaaah” when they see them.

The TASER M26C is larger and more visible than the TASER C2 and its even larger than the TASER X26C.  Its a hand gun shaped stun device that shoots projectiles up to 15 feet into its target and the projectiles are electrodes which carry the current that drops the attacker to the ground.  And, knowing you have the reliability of TASER in your hands in case you’re attacked, I think its best that you have a weapon that is so well known and visible that it usually prevents attacks because no one wants to mess with someone who has one of these on their belt.  Now, that’s a good weapon, to me.


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Crime’s Increasing

Monday, November 15, 2010
posted by SmartStun 1:04 PM

Almost anywhere you turn, you’re hearing about some horrible crime.  Someone got shot.  Someone got robbed.  Someone’s home got broken into.  Every time that the economy gets bad, as it is now, crime increases.  What’s really bad this time, though, is that we’re 3 years into a recession (or depression, depending on who you listen to) and things are getting worse.

Unemployment remains high.  Foreclosures are high.  People need money and they’re just flat out taking it from others.  Consider protecting yourself with a TASER Gun.  You may not ever need it, but what if you do and don’t have it?  Protect yourself and your loved ones against horrible crimes.  Protect yourself now.

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