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TASER Gun Models

Saturday, August 10, 2013
posted by SmartStun 11:33 AM

There are several models of TASER Guns that are currently available on the civilian market.

The first, we’ll list is the C2.  This is one of the more popular models as its price point is one of the lowest, yet its still as effective as the other models.  Its ergonomic shape fits many hands.  And, its sold in various kits that supply all you need to protect yourself or your loved one.  Generally the C2 Kits sell for between $300-400.

The next is the M26C.  This model is also quite popular as its not much more expensive and it looks more like a traditional handgun.  Its very easy to carry and very easy to aim and use.  The M26C is sold in a kit that includes 4 live cartridges.  So, other than a holster and/or training cartridges, you really don’t need anything else.  These generally sell for around $500 although you can find incredible sales from time to time.

The next model is the X26C.  Slightly smaller than the M model and it adds some technological features.  But, its quite pricey, generally around $1000.  Most people either go with the M model for price savings, or go on to the next model, the newest model of TASER Gun discussed below.

The newest model for the civilian market is the TASER X2 Home Defender.  Priced at about $1400, it has the ability shoot warning sparks while the cartridge is loaded.  It also has the ability to hold and shoot up to 2 cartridges at the same time.  So, if the user misses the first, or if there are 2 targets, the user is still protected.

Regardless the model of TASER Gun you choose, you’ll be happy with your selection.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns


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TASER Guns Increasingly the Choice for Law Enforcement

Sunday, June 9, 2013
posted by SmartStun 8:04 AM

The law enforcement community loves TASER Guns.  Why?  Simple.  They are effective at stopping most people and they don’t run the chance of actually killing someone.

Okay, let’s clarify one thing:  I did say “effective at stopping MOST people”.  We have to acknowledge that no weapon is 100% effective against 100% of the people 100% of the time.  I mean, you can use a knife on someone.  Knives can stop someone, right?  But, they can also NOT stop someone.  Even a bullet from a gun can stop someone, right?  But, we also have to acknowledge the sometimes, when shot, people are still able to go after their victim.  Its a fact.  But, more times than not,TASER Guns are highly effective at stopping most people.

And, add to this the fact that officers don’t have to worry about investigations after shooting someone with a TASER, they are much more comfortable in using this non lethal weapon to A) protect themselves; B) protect you; and, C) stop the bad guy (or girl) to get them off the street and put away.

While many police departments have carried the TASER X26 for a number of years, now, they are beginning to carry the newest model, the TASER X2.  The X2 is unique in that it can start by firing a warning spark to let someone know they’re about to get hit.  And, if needed, the TASER Gun can then fire not one, but two shots at two people and bring them down at the same time.  Or, the second shot can be used as a back up, should the officer miss the first time.  And, now, as of this month, June, 2013, the X2 Defender is being made available to the civilian market.  Check’em out and you’ll see why the law enforcement community loves to rely on their TASER Guns.



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TASER X2 Defender Now Available at Defender Pepper Guns

Friday, June 7, 2013
posted by SmartStun 6:58 AM

The X3 Home Defender was only out for a short time, as many people felt it was too bulky to use.  So, TASER has brought to the civilian market the X2 Defender.  And, has it for you!

TASER X2 DefenderThat’s right, the TASER X2 Defender, which allows for two shots at the same time is now available to you.  And, its a complete kit.  Not only do you get the actual taser gun, but also included are 4 cartridges and an incredibly long life battery.  Its available in Black or Yellow and has an optional holster available. has our initial shipment in route to the warehouse right now and orders are expected to fill and ship beginning June 12.  Check out these awesome TASER Guns today!


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TASER X2 Defender Now at

Friday, June 7, 2013
posted by SmartStun 6:53 AM

You got it!

TASER X2 DefenderThe TASER X2 Defender Gun is now available at  The initial shipment is in route to the warehouse and we’re taking orders.  We expect orders will start shipping on June 12 and, due to limited availability on this first shipment, there’s a strong possibility we could sell out quickly.  So, get your order in now.

What makes the TASER X2 Defender unique is that it has the ability to shoot not one, but two cartridges and deliver the SHOCK, at the same time.  So, if you’re face to face with two bad guys, you can shoot one, turn, aim, shoot the other and they’ll both be taken down simultaneously.  Or, if you miss your first shot, you have a second shot.  And, even more, the X2 can be used as a direct contact stun gun, too!

The TASER X2 was designed with input from the Law Enforcement community.  And, now, it is being offered to the civilian market.  You know TASER.  You trust them.  Now, you can put your trust in the premier, non lethal self defense weapon!  THE X2 DEFENDER.

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