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TASER Gun Models

Saturday, August 10, 2013
posted by SmartStun 11:33 AM

There are several models of TASER Guns that are currently available on the civilian market.

The first, we’ll list is the C2.  This is one of the more popular models as its price point is one of the lowest, yet its still as effective as the other models.  Its ergonomic shape fits many hands.  And, its sold in various kits that supply all you need to protect yourself or your loved one.  Generally the C2 Kits sell for between $300-400.

The next is the M26C.  This model is also quite popular as its not much more expensive and it looks more like a traditional handgun.  Its very easy to carry and very easy to aim and use.  The M26C is sold in a kit that includes 4 live cartridges.  So, other than a holster and/or training cartridges, you really don’t need anything else.  These generally sell for around $500 although you can find incredible sales from time to time.

The next model is the X26C.  Slightly smaller than the M model and it adds some technological features.  But, its quite pricey, generally around $1000.  Most people either go with the M model for price savings, or go on to the next model, the newest model of TASER Gun discussed below.

The newest model for the civilian market is the TASER X2 Home Defender.  Priced at about $1400, it has the ability shoot warning sparks while the cartridge is loaded.  It also has the ability to hold and shoot up to 2 cartridges at the same time.  So, if the user misses the first, or if there are 2 targets, the user is still protected.

Regardless the model of TASER Gun you choose, you’ll be happy with your selection.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns


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Friday, June 24, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:47 PM

taser c2One of the most popular brands of self defense weapons for years has been TASER.  And, the TASER C2 is one reason why.  After years of being a best seller, it has been upgraded recently by being put together in various kits offering several cartridges and training gear so people can get comfortable with these weapons before they actually have to use them in a real life scenario.

You might want to check out the new TASER C2 Gold Kits and Platinum Kits.  Each of these kits has different items within, so you’ll need to compare which one might be best for you and your budget.  But, regardless of the kit you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the finest self defense weapons available today.  And, usually, just flashing the stun gun in front of an attacker is enough to make them back up and leave you alone.  To me, that’s the best possible outcome.


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Phazzer Dragon Stun Gun

Thursday, June 16, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:26 PM

You know how sometimes when you get something in your the hand, the instant it hits it, you can tell what you’re holding is of the very best quality?  That’s the way it is with me whenever I have a Phazzer Dragon Stun Gun in my hand.  In fact, I keep one near my office desk in case someone enters the store who makes me feel uncomfortable.

What most people don’t know about the Phazzer Dragon Stun Gun is that it functions just like a TASER C2.  In fact, it was designed to compete head to head against the TASER Gun.  Rather than being a traditional direct contact stun gun, the Dragon shoots electrodes up to 15 feet to reach your target.  The electrodes are connected to the weapon via cords which deliver the electric shock to the target.  The Dragon also has a Laser built into it to make it easier to hit your target.  And, if you fire the electrodes, but miss your target, the stun gun can then be used as a direct contact model, too.  So, no matter what, you’re protected.


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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:46 PM

How would you like to walk around with a weapon on your belt that says a lot to potential attackers about how they better not messtaser m26c with you?  The TASER M26C stands out so much that any would be attacker would be an idiot to pursue and attack or mugging with you.  The TASER Gun is so visible and is so respected that most people just “ooooh” and “aaaaah” when they see them.

The TASER M26C is larger and more visible than the TASER C2 and its even larger than the TASER X26C.  Its a hand gun shaped stun device that shoots projectiles up to 15 feet into its target and the projectiles are electrodes which carry the current that drops the attacker to the ground.  And, knowing you have the reliability of TASER in your hands in case you’re attacked, I think its best that you have a weapon that is so well known and visible that it usually prevents attacks because no one wants to mess with someone who has one of these on their belt.  Now, that’s a good weapon, to me.


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Friday, May 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:26 PM

If you’re looking for TASERS For Sale, you’re sure to be impressed with what you find.  All you have to do is google this term and you’ll get thousands of search results.  But, first, you should determine exactly what it is you’re looking for.  Here’s what I mean:

Some people use the word “taser” as a generic term for stun guns, kinda like how people use “kleenex” for tissue.  So, if you’re really looking for stun guns or other stun devices, then know this going into your search.   When you search, you’ll find all sorts of mini stun guns, discreet units, batons, flashlight and much more.  But, if you search TASERS For Sale and are really looking for a TASER Brand product like the C2 or the M26C, you’re sure to find those, too.  So, again, know what you’re looking for when you click.  Otherwise, it’s easy to get distracted and confused and you may not end up getting any self defense weapon.  This would be a shame, since you obviously need one.


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TASER C2 Gold Kit

Thursday, May 12, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:44 PM

taser c2 gold kitYesterday, I wrote about the TASER C2 Platinum Kit, which is a great addition to the TASER line up.  However, I left the article feeling like I didn’t give enough credit the TASER C2 Gold Kit, which is also a new addition to TASER.  It still includes the C2 model of self defense weapon, but the gold kit adds a few things to just the base weapon.

The TASER C2 Gold Kit, in addition to the actual C2 weapon, includes 2 live cartridges as well as 1 training cartridge.  Additionally, the kit includes a target and a training DVD, as well as a few other items.  These kits were put together to answer the consumer’s call for help.  Basically, people liked owning the TASER Gun, but they felt a little unsure of the unit since they never got the opportunity to train with the weapon, before an actual attack or encounter.  So, TASER, being the leader they are, listed to their customers and put together these fantastic kits.  Check them out today and you’ll be glad you did!

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TASER C2 Platinum Kit

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:28 PM

Taser has always been a recognized leader in the field of self defense weapons and with their releases earlier this year of their TASERtaser c2 platinum C2 Platinum Kit as well as their Gold Kit, they continue to lead the way.  One of the concerns that consumers have always voiced when they’d buy a TASER Gun, was that they wanted to test it so they knew they could shoot it and just get comfortable with it.  But, until now, there really wasn’t a way to do this without wasting an expensive TASER Cartridge.

The TASER C2 Platinum kit answers this need.  They have included, along with the TASER C2, in the color of your choice, several live cartridges along with a training cartridge, a target and a training manual, along with a nice carrying case.  Sales of the TASER C2 is up the first part of this year, partly due to all the increased crime around the country, but also partly due to the unique kits that TASER put together.  Both kits are great so check them out today!

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Selling TASERs

Monday, May 9, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:09 PM

I’ve been selling TASERS for a while now and I have to say that I truly enjoy what I do.  Regardless of which models peopletasers for sale ultimately end up with, I get the same level of satisfaction….as long as they get the unit that is well suited for them.  Too many sites out there are just happy to get a sale and don’t really care about the customer.  You can find a lot of tasers for sale, but finding the best unit for YOU is really important.

When we’re talking about TASER’s, most people are thinking of the true TASER brand of products, like the C2, M26C or X26C.  However, others use the term TASER generically when they’re really referencing stun guns, which require direct contact, as opposed to shooting electrode barbs into a target a distance away.  While there are many brands, there are just as many types of stun devices.  One type that is gaining popularity is the stun baton.   Another relatively newcomer is the stun cane, which are great for fending off dogs.  And, of course, there is the mini stun gun.  Whatever you’re looking for, take your time, ask some questions and get the self defense weapon that is best for you.

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Friday, May 6, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:20 PM

taser c2Want a very easy to carry, easy to use and relatively affordable self defense weapon that you can put your trust into?  Then, you may just want to check out the TASER C2.  This is one of the world’s finest non lethal weapons that is easy to use and designed for most anyone.

The TASER C2 was designed for the consumer market.  It has a hold that is easy to hold onto and to access the buttons.  It is as effective as all the other models of TASER guns, but is not quite as ominous.  It’s available in a multitude of colors so you can select one you that matches your style.  And, new this year, TASER began packaging this model into several different kits.  Some of the kits include targets and practice cartridges.  I like this idea, because how uncomfortable would you be if you came face to face with an attacker and needed to use a product you had never used before to protect your life?  Probably, not very comfortable.  The kits allow you to practice and train so that when you’re in the field, you’re ready to protect.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:50 PM

The TASER M26C is actually one of the best selling TASER Gun models there are.  The TASER C2 sells well, as does the X26C, tootaser m26c but not quite as well.  Honestly, I tend to favor the weapon as a personal favorite, too.

There are actually several reasons why I favor the TASER M26C as a personal favorite.  For one, its a TASER.  All day long, its recognized as a leader in the self defense weapon field.  Its kind of like its the Cadillac of stun guns.  Secondly, the unit is large enough so that if you where it on your belt, everyone is sure to see it.  And, in my opinion, I’d rather prevent an attacker than to defend against one.  A very visual weapon is one way to accomplish this.  Finally, this unit is a projectile shooting type of self defense weapon.  So, it gives me some distance between me and a possible attacker.  But, if they do actually get upon me, I can use it as a direct contact stun gun, too.  Check out all the models from TASER and decide which one is your favorite.

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