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Buying Pepper Spray

Friday, July 22, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:36 PM

buying pepper sprayThere are a lot of people buying pepper spray and MACE these days.  It seems that so many people are worried about the incredible increase in crime and mobs that has taken place recently.  And, since so many people are familiar with pepper spray, they instinctively buy it.

Now, if you’re one of those people buying pepper spray, you should know that you’ll probably find quite a selection of products from which to choose.  Of course, there are the traditional key chain dispensers we’ve seen for years.  But, now there are more formulas available, too.  You can get the old stand by spray, or you can get a fogger or a gel.  And, for dispensers, you will see a selection.  MACE even offers a hand gun looking product called a MACE Gun.  You’ll also find small steel batons loaded with MACE and many many different sizes of cans of pepper spray.  You’ll even find a Jumbo 1 Pound Police Size of spray which is really used for crowd control.


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Purchase Pepper Spray

Saturday, July 2, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:23 PM

Yesterday, we spoke briefly about how sales of TASER Guns were skyrocketing, but we didn’t really mention much about how pepper spray purchases have skyrocketed, too.  Well, they have!

Pepper Spray purchases have also skyrocketed in the past couple of years, just as the sales of taser guns and stun guns have.  And, I believe much of the same reasoning is behind this substantial increase.  More and more people have become comfortable and familiar with pepper spray and MACE brand products.  And, more and more people are coming face to face with crimes, so they feel the need to protect themselves.  But, I also think that the increase is due to the increased number of products.  There are so many different types of pepper sprays and Defense Sprays and so many different dispensers that people are able to find one that they feel comfortable in using.  Regardless, its great that people are protecting themselves.  Of course, its a drag that they’re having to do this!


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Purchase Pepper Spray

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:04 PM

pepper spray purchaseIf you’re looking for an easy to carry non lethal weapon for self defense or for the self defense of your daughter or family member, check out Pepper Spray.  What’s available these days is not “your father’s pepper spray” anymore.  When you go to purchase pepper spray, you’ll find several different formulas.  Of course, there is the old defense spray.  Then, there’s a fogger and now, there’s also a gel.  The gel is mean!  Once this stuff gets on someone, their natural tendency is to smear or wipe it off….but, that only makes it worse as this stuff just smears the burn.

And, your pepper spray purchase doesn’t have to be the old keychain canister, either.  Of course, if you want it to be, you’ll find many colors and different sizes.  But, you’ll also find pepper spray available in large cans up to 1 pound in size.  But, you’ll also find batons with pepper spray and even a handgun looking dispenser from MACE.  There’s even a sprayer that looks like a writing pen for the discrete weapon to have on hand.


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Pepper Spray at the Mall

Thursday, April 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:41 PM

The other day while I was at the mall, I saw security guards spraying a guy with pepper spray.  While it was a bit nerve-racking, afterwards it kinda made me smile.  I mean, I could tell the guy was harassing someone so he obviously deserved to get sprayed with the pepper spray.  And, to see him squirm like he did when that stuff hit him created an image that I’ll not soon forget.

If you don’t carry MACE or some form of self defense weapon, you may want to go ahead and make your pepper spray purchase soon.  Seriously, don’t wait.  I hear all too often of people who were “going to place an order” or worse, they own a weapon but “just didn’t have it on me that day” when they really needed it.  You may not be going to actually be mugged or raped, you may just have a nasty encounter where someone just wants to fight or harass you.  And, having pepper spray is easy to keep with you, but as I saw first hand, highly effective.

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Your Favorite? TASER Gun?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:09 PM

What’s your favorite Self Defense Weapon?  Is it a TASER Gun?  A Stun Gun of one model or another?  Pepper Spray or MACE?  How about a handgun?  Well, whichever is your favorite, please do me a favor and keep it with you.  With how bad crime is, I’m surprised at how often I talk with someone who has been mugged or attacked in some way and they say “I didn’t have my TASER Gun with me”.  I don’t get it.

Why would someone go through the trouble to shop for and buy a weapon of some sort, then not even carry it with them?  It sure doesn’t make any sense to me.  I don’t go anywhere without at least my Barracuda BC30 on my belt.  And, I usually have my TASER M26C with me in the car.  My wife carries the Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun.  It lives in her purse…and you know women, they don’t go anywhere without their purses.   So, do yourself a favor and keep your weapon with you.

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MACE Pepper Spray

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:07 PM

Quick….take a guess….how many different products would you think are made by MACE Pepper Spray.   10? 15? 20? 5?  Try 24 different Mace brand Pepper Spray products.  I’m not even adding in their other products like personal alarms and such.  MACE has really done a great job of “owning” the self defense spray market.

Not only do they have numerous different pepper spray formulae for different states and different applications, they also have different dispensers.  One of my favorite MACE Pepper Spray products is the  MACE Gun.  This thing is quite impressive.  Try walking through the park at night with one of these in your hand and see if anyone wants to mess with you.  I’m also a fan of the MACE Screecher personal alarm, too.  Oh, and  the MACE Baton is a pretty cool item, too.  So, from pepper spray to other various products like personal alarms, MACE is really the leading company defining what products will be available to us.  Other companies, while still good, seem to follow MACE’s lead.

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Stun Guns and TASERS for Protection

Monday, March 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:17 PM

So, for two days, there’s been a wildfire burning on the other side of the mountains from where we live.  According to the authorities, it was started by humans and, although its not known the exact cause of the fire, its expected that it was started as a diversion for Border Patrol.  Drug Traffickers from Mexico do things like start fires in one area, so the attention is directed away from another area, allowing them to smuggle their drugs across the Arizona-Mexico border.  This is real.

What this essentially means is that all sorts of illegal activity is going on around us everyday and every hour.  And, while the local newspapers and TV Stations do a fairly good job of keeping the crimes quiet so as not to start a panic, the reality is that people here need to protect themselves.  Whether its with stun guns and tasers, handguns, pepper spray or whatever, precautions need to be taken.

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Mace Pepper Spray

Thursday, March 3, 2011
posted by SmartStun 11:49 AM

One brand of pepper spray is MACE Pepper Spray.  MACE has been around for decades, has been used by law enforcement agencies all around the world and comes in many formulae and shapes and sizes of dispensers.  You can certainly find the pepper spray product you desire just by looking into the MACE Brand Product Line.

Some of the most popular dispensers or sprayers of mace pepper spray are the pepper gun and the pepper baton.  People like them, partly because of the novelty of the product.  But, keep in mind, they are both filled with MACE Pepper Spray.  So, the level of protection and security that is being sought is in the product.  But, these units are popular because they also offer double duty.  For instance, the MACE Pepper Gun is more likely to prevent an attack just because its so visible and ominous that any attacker is going to think twice.  And, the Pepper Baton is able to used to gouge eyes or attack pressure points.

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Are You Buying Pepper Spray?

Thursday, March 3, 2011
posted by SmartStun 11:36 AM

Pepper Spray is known to be a very effective self defense weapon that many people are comfortable with carrying and using, if need be.

If you are considering buying pepper spray, you may just be amazed at the choices you’ll have.  Not only are there many formulae out there, like pepper gel, pepper spray fogger, there are also several brands and several types of dispensers.

Two of the more popular brands of pepper spray are Wildfire Pepper Spray and MACE Pepper Spray.  And, both of these manufacturers make several of the formulae mentioned above.  Now, here’s the cool stuff, though.  Of course, you can get these products in the traditional keychain container.  But ,did you know you can get MACE in a MACE Gun?  It’s shaped like a handgun and fires quite effectively.  Or, you could get your pepper spray in a small baton which can double as a gouge to the eyes type weapon.  Bottom line, you will have many choices when you go to buy.

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Buying Pepper Spray

Saturday, February 19, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:46 PM

Many people think that when buying pepper spray, you just walk up and pick up whatever is in front of you and pay for it.  But, in reality, there should be a little bit more thought than that.

When buying pepper spray, you want to consider first, how you’ll carry it.  Will you keep a small container handy on your keychain?  Or, will you need a much larger can, say a pound of it and will it hang on your backpack for hiking?

Another aspect to consider is what type you’ll want or need.  Pepper Spray is regulated in some states and there’s even a particular formula that is made for residents in Michigan.  But, even beyond what formula is legal in your area, you may want to consider whether you want a traditional pepper spray, or one of the new pepper gels or pepper foggers.  Think about wind conditions where ever you suspect you might need to use it.

If you just take a few moments to consider what you’re really needing and wanting, you’re sure to make the right purchase.

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