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Dummy Surveillance Cameras

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:29 PM

I’m here to pass along helpful information when I know it.  And, one such piece of information is to pass along info about dummy surveillance cameras.  While they may not be for everyone, I think they are something that virtually every homeowner or business owner should consider.

I think dummy surveillance cameras are helpful for most because they are incredibly effective, very affordable and very easy to install.  These fake cameras are made by the same makers of the real outdoor security cameras.  So, these fakes look just like the real thing.  And, as such, a burglar is going to think your home is completely covered with surveillance cameras.  And, since the units don’t include the camera technology inside, they only cost like $15-20 each.  So, someone could buy 4 or 5 and still not break the bank.  Finally, since there’s no real technology involved here, the installer only has to drive a few screws and they’re up.  Literally, a few minutes is all it takes to install several.


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Home Surveillance Camera and DVR

Monday, July 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:09 PM

Whether you’re looking for a full blown home surveillance system or just a hidden nanny cam, essentially what you’re wanting is a camera and dvr.  I mean, that’s all these things basically boil down to.

You can go online and find full blown home surveillance systems with multiple cameras and a dvr.  These systems will come complete with everything you need, including cabling, mounting brackets and the whole nine yards.  A homeowner can usually install them within a few hours without any specialized training or tools.  Or, if you’re wanting to keep an eye on things indoors, but what to be covert about it, perhaps you want a hidden nanny cam.  These systems are comprised of an everyday object like a wall clock or boombox, and the manufacturer has installed a single camera and dvr inside of it.  They can generally be set up in a matter of minutes and the homeowner will then have an eye onto what’s going on inside the home when they’re not there.


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Home Surveillance Systems

Saturday, July 2, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:07 PM

I just took a phone call from a customer who had a question about a quad box for his home surveillance system.  It seem that he has an existing surveillance camera system and he needs a part for it.  But, the real reason I bring this up is that he says he has to get his system up and going again because people in the area of his Phoenix home are beginning to cause problems.

Its certainly a sign of the times.  With so many people unemployed or underemployed, people are having to find ways to pay their bills.  And, while I’m not advocating crime as being okay because of this, I have to admit, its understandable that these people have to do something.  But, what really bugs me is that part of the increase in crime, recently, still being tied to unemployment, is that so many people have excess time on their hands.  And, instead of doing something productive, some people are turning to crime just to fill their time.  Regardless of what’s happening around you and why, it’s apparent that we all need to at least consider home surveillance systems to increase the security around our property.


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Boombox Camera

Thursday, June 30, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:27 PM

boombox cameraYou think your boyfriend is so sweet, don’t you?  He gave you a nice boombox that’s really a boombox camera for you to put in your bedroom.  Better watch out…..  I’m sure this sound kinda hokey, but it happens more than you might think.

That’s right.  A boombox camera, which is just one of many types of hidden nanny cams are bought every day.  And, while most are used for what they’re supposed to be used for, keeping an eye on the safety of  your children and home, many are not.  Many are used to spy on cheating spouses.  Many are used to keep an eye on thieving employees.  And, yes, many are used to get explicit video footage of people doing, well, doing what people do.  We’ll leave it at that.  So, if someone happens to give you a gift, you might just look it over carefully to ensure it is what you think it is.  Otherwise, you might just be on the internet in a way you probably don’t want.


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Wall Clock Cameras

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:41 PM

wall clock camerasWonder what your wife is doing when you’re not at home?  Wonder what your kids are doing when you’re not at home?  How about the Nanny; do you trust them?  You might want to check out Wall Clock Cameras.  That’s right, one of the most popular hidden nanny cams available.

These unique spy cameras known as wall clock cameras are pretty much what they sound like.  The manufacturer starts with an ordinary wall clock that works.  They install a camera, so very small that you can’t see it unless you know where to look.  On some models they add in a microphone and/or a dvr to record onto.  Then, the user installs them in the room they want to keep an eye on.  A quick test record to make sure all is within the record frame and leave.  Anyone in the area will be recorded so the user can know what’s going on when they’re not home.  Unless you know what you’re looking for, you probably will never know…


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Outdoor Security Cameras

Monday, June 27, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:45 PM

Pick up any newspaper and you’ll see.  You’ll see why virtually everyone homeowner and business owner needs to have outdoor security cameras installed to protect their property.  It’s a shame, I know.  But, we have to face reality.

And, whether you install real Outdoor Security Cameras or Dummy Outdoor Security Cameras, you really SHOULD do something.  If your budget allows and you want to capture real video of what’s going on around your place, install real security cameras.  If your budget is tight or you just want to put something up as a deterrent, than fake surveillance cameras might be the choice for you.  But, unless you happen to office next door to an ADT office, you really need to do something.  Burglars are coming into all neighborhoods now as the economy continues to tank.  People are turning to crime as a means to feed their families and pay their mortgage.  It may not be right, but it is reality.


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Dummy Surveillance Cameras

Saturday, June 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:44 PM

dummy surveillance camerasI’m  a fan of quality products that are so stupidly simply, but highly effective.  Dummy Surveillance Cameras are one such product that I hold in pretty high regards for its cost to reward ratio.  These things are affordable and highly effective.

Dummy Surveillance Cameras are fake cameras that look just like the real thing.  They look real because they’re made by the same companies who make the real cameras and they use many of the same parts.  So, you can’t tell the difference.  You can’t tell that there is no camera technology inside the casing….and neither can a criminal.  Dummy outdoor security cameras sell for $10-15 and you can find a few different models and styles to choose from.  They take minutes to install as they only require a couple of screws, then tucking in the fake cable.  You can put up six or eight of these units in a matter of minutes and for about a hundred bucks.  Now, that’s a great product.


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Outdoor Security Cameras

Thursday, June 23, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:44 PM

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting kinda spooked by all the crime and uprisings, flash mobs and riots all across the world, but now all across the country.  I have installed outdoor security cameras at my house to add an extra layer of protection for me and my family.

There are all sorts of outdoor security cameras available.  And, rather than just buying a few loose cameras and piece-mealing a system together, I bought a complete system kit online that was incredibly easy to install.  I could choose from numerous configurations.  But, I chose just a four camera system, then added 4 additional dummy security cameras to stretch my security dollar.  I think it took maybe two hours tops to install everything and have the security system up and running. Now, if someone wants to try to enter my property, I know about it as its happening and can tune it to watch who it is and what they’re doing.


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Home Surveillance Equipment

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:26 PM

These days, there are so many types of home surveillance equipment available, you can really have some fun checking it all out and installing something that peaks your interest.  For instance, my brother and his wife were recently selling their house.  And, anytime someone entered to check it out, he logged into his home surveillance system with his cell phone and watched as people walked around.  He could even hear their comments.

You can install something like this, or some other kind of home surveillance equipment.  For instance, there is a camera you can install that, when it senses motion, it turns on and sends and email to you.  Inside the email is a link to click on and watch what’s going on inside your home.  I think that’s pretty hip!  Or, of course, there are any number of hidden nanny cams for spying on people when they’re not suspecting it.  Have fun.  Log on and check out some of this stuff.  You may just find something that interests you and may be even find a way to prevent a burglary or something in your home.


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Hidden Nanny Cams

Monday, June 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:06 PM

hidden nanny camsWhat would you think about getting a new boombox as a gift?  That’s right, someone you know gives you a boombox for your birthday or just out of the blue.  You put it in your bedroom and get it all set up.  You jam out for days.  Sounds great, right?  Then, you find out there’s a video of you streaming out on the internet doing something private.  How could that be?  Well, if someone gave you a hidden nanny cam disguised as a boombox, its quite possible THAT’S how it happened!

If you’re like most people right now, you’re like, “what?”  And, its easy to understand.  But, the fact is that there are any number of hidden nanny cams disguised as everyday objects that you wouldn’t suspect as being a hidden camera.  Wall Clocks, Alarm Clocks, EXIT Signs, even watches are all items which can have a hidden camera and dvr built into them.  You get them and then, BAM, you’re busted.  Or, you’re at someone’s house and don’t suspect anything.  Then, BAM, you’re busted.


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