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So Many Stun Guns….Which One to Get?

Thursday, September 5, 2013
posted by SmartStun 11:15 AM

There’s no denying, there are a lot of models of stun guns available.  So, which one should you get?  I mean, which one is not going to be a piece of junk?  Which one will work and actually put somebody back away from me?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the question.  But, lets first start by acknowledging that there are many pieces of junk.  Let it be said that virtually any stun gun with more than 5 million volts of electricity IS junk.

Simple electrical rule:  watts (total power) = volts x amps

So, what does this mean?  The battery can only generate so much power (watts).  So, as voltage of a stun gun increases, amperage HAS TO GO DOWN.  High voltage equals relatively Low amperage.  Basic electrical rule.  So, the super high voltage models, do not generate much amperage.

What’s amperage, you say?  Well, let me start by stating what Voltage is:  Voltage is the “push” behind the electricity.  High voltage is needed to penetrate thick clothing. But, voltage DOES NOT stop anyone.  Voltage delivers the electrical current.  And, its the electrical current, another word for amperage, that actually stops someone.  Voltage delivers amperage.  Amperage is what penetrates into the muscles, causing them to spasm, causing mental fatigue, and potentially, causing the victim to fall down or be dazed.

So, if a stun gun has high voltage, it CANNNOT generate enough amperage to cause much problem for its target.

Now, with that said, there are many lower voltage stun guns that are also crap, too.  So, let me give you a few brands that are considered by most industry experts to be good quality units:

  • Stun Master (many are good; some are not)
  • Phazzer (good)
  • ZAP by PS Products (good)
  • Omega (excellent)
  • Barracuda (Highest Amperage Available at 4.5 milliamps)
  • Runt (2.5-4.5 Million Volt models – good; newer 10 million volt models – junk)

This is not to say that these are the ONLY good stun guns, but these are the ones we’ve used and believe in.  Bottom line, stay away from super high voltage models.

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns



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