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Looking for the Best Stun Gun? Check out Barracuda…..

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
posted by SmartStun 7:45 AM

The Barracuda Stun Gun has long been recognized as being the best line of stun guns available.  They currently offer two models, the BC10 and the BC37.  Both are great for providing the best in self defense.

They are both built to the high standards of the maker of Barracuda Stun Gun, Over the Counter Intelligence, which is a US Based Company.  Quality construction is built into each unit.  But, even better than that are the technical specs.  Rated as the best, these models put out 4.5 milliamps of current.  While most makers and sellers of stun guns are focusing on voltage, which is important too, they leave out one important detail:  its the current (or amperage) that actually incapacitates someone.  Voltage merely delivers the current.  And, if voltage is only delivering a little bit of current, it doesn’t matter how much voltage you have in your stun gun.

5 milliamps is considered lethal.  So, any more than this, and someone will most likely die as a result of using a stun gun like that.  But, actually, no one makes a stun gun that delivers that level of current.  So, at 4.5 milliamps, the Barracuda line of Stun Guns is highest amperage line of stun guns available.  They will, more quickly than any other model, stop an attacker.  Check them out today and see why they’re the best!


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Barracuda Stun Guns

Friday, July 15, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:25 PM

If you’re wanting a stun gun, but are unsure which one to get, you might want to consider one of Barracuda Stun Guns.  They have 4 different models and are some of the highest quality self defense weapons available anywhere.

Barracuda Stun Guns

The various Barracuda Stun Guns are:  BC-10, the BC-12, BC-20 and BC-30.  The Barracuda BC-10 is a 1 Million Volt stun gun which also has a personal alarm built into it.  The BC-12 is a 1.2 Million volt stun gun which is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, so it fits nicely into a shirt pocket.  It also comes with a holster for belt loop carrying.  The BC-20 and BC-30 are 2 million volts and 3 million volts, respectively.  They also come with a holster, but what makes them different from the BC-12 is that these models have a rubberized coating on the case so they’re easier to ensure a strong, non-slip grip.  All the models have a disable pin, so if someone tries to forcibly remove the stun gun from your hand, it will be rendered useless.  They all come with a 5 year warranty and are truly some of the best built, most reliable stun guns available.


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Barracuda Stun Guns

Saturday, May 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:31 PM

Yesterday, I wrote about voltage and amperage and the Omega Stun Gun line up.  Well, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also include Barracuda Stun Guns into this conversation.  Here’s why:

Barracuda Stun Guns have always been committed to supplying the most effective, highest quality stun guns to customers.  And, their entire line up, from the BC10 1 Million Volt Stun Gun to the BC30 3 Million Volt Stun Gun deliver some of the highest amperage of any stun gun on the market.  While I can’t get into comparing the amperage of ALL stun guns in the tiny space of this blog post, what I can say is this:  Most Stun Guns deliver up to 3 milliamps of stun to its target;  but, Barracuda Stun Guns deliver 4.5 milliamps of power.  1.5 milliamps may not seem like much difference, but look at the overall ratio.  This is a 50% increase over the average stun gun. Barracuda has done a fantastic job of designing stun guns that deliver both high voltage AND high amperage.  This makes them some of the most effective stun guns available today.

Test Fire one today and you’ll see and hear the difference!

Barracuda Stun Guns


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The Barracuda BC30 Stun Gun

Friday, April 22, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:25 PM

If you want the best of the best in self defense weapons, then you want the Barracuda BC30 Stun Gun.  I just had one shipped to my Father for him to keep with him, that’s how much I think of them.  By Father lives in Dallas and he needs a reliable self defense weapon that will be there for him when he needs it.

The Barracuda BC30 packs in a full 3 Million Volts of stun power.  High voltage is what allows a stun gun to penetrate thick layers of clothing while amperage is actually what enters the body.  And, Barracudas deliver some of the highest amperage of any stun gun on the market.  The amperage is what enters the muscles causing them to spasm and fatigue, thus causing your target to drop to the ground.  Backed by a full 5 year warranty which covers not only the unit, but also the built in battery, you know you’ll have protection for years.  Pin Disable and a built in AC plug make this “simple” stun gun loaded with some of the most necessary features of a self defense weapon.  Check’em out today!

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Barracuda BC20 Stun Gun

Thursday, April 21, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:18 PM

Very similar to its smaller brother, the BC12, the Barracuda BC20 is even stronger.  But, like the smaller unit, the BC20, even though it has more power is still considered a mini stun gun, is still backed by a great warranty and a great company, and is still considered one of the best stun guns on the market.

The Barracuda BC20 Stun Gun is a 2 Million Volt stun gun that delivers some of the highest amperage available from any stun gun today.  And, the amperage is what penetrates the muscles of your attacking causing them to spasm and fatigue.  The BC20 also has a very nice rubber coating which makes it incredibly easy to hold onto in a tussle.  It has the same built in battery and on board plug in so you don’t have to fiddle around with keeping up with the AC cord.  And, the pin disable feature which protects you from having the unit used on you is also a standard feature.  Finally, backed with a 5 year warranty that also covers the rechargeable battery, you know you’ll have protection for years to come.  Find out why Barracuda is taking the self defense market by storm!

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Barracuda BC12 Stun Gun

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:10 PM

Originally launched in November 2007, the Barracuda BC12 stun gun has been one of the mainstays in the Barracuda line up.  Its got plenty of power, is backed by a great company who designs only quality products that they’re not afraid to stand behind and has a great warranty to let you know you’ll be covered for years to come.

The Barracuda BC12 is a 1.2 Million Volt Stun Gun that delivers some of the highest amperage in the self defense weapon marketplace.  The amperage is what penetrates the muscles causing fatigue and spasms.  This model is also a rechargeable stun gun in that it has rechargeable battery built in.  But, also as cool, the ac plug-in is built into the unit.  So, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the charging cord.  And, as with all Barracuda Stun Guns, this model has a safety pin disable feature.  When used, if an attacker rips the unit from your hand, the pin dislodges rendering the stun gun useless so the attacker cannot turn and use it on you.  Barracuda Stun Guns truly are some of the best self defense weapons available.

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Barracuda BC 10 Stun Gun

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:03 PM

The Barracuda BC10 Stun Gun has been around for several years, now, and there’s a reason why.  Because its good.  All Barracuda Products are known throughout the self defense industry as being some of the best stun guns available.  They deliver good voltage and some of the highest amperages of any stun gun on the market.  A solid warranty and a great company committed to the utmost in customer service further backs up their weapons.

Specifically, the Barracuda BC10 delivers 1 million volts of stun power and 4.5 milliamps of amperage.  But, there’s more.  The BC10 also has a built in personal alarm and a belt clip.  The personal alarm will squeal if its activated alerting people around that you need help.  Finally, as with all Barracuda Stun Guns, this model has a pin disable.  So, if anyone rips the unit from your hand, the stun gun will not function and they cannot use it on you.  See why its been around for a while?

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Barracuda: Quality Stun Guns

Monday, April 18, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:57 PM

I love it when I find something that’s really good.  Barracuda Stun Guns are REALLY GOOD.  I say this, not only because I’ve had many of them in my hands and I know how they perform, but because of a talk I had recently.

In speaking with one of the principals of the company who owns Barracuda Stun Guns, I told him I sell many stun batons and was wondering if Barracuda would be releasing a stun baton anytime soon.  His response was that he felt a real stun baton should be at least 16 inches long and 1 million volts.  He hasn’t been able to find a manufacturer who could build the stun baton he wanted with those specs, but more importantly that could deliver the quality that had to be there for him to put the Barracuda name on it.  This conversation communicated to me how devoted those guys are to producing only quality stun guns.  And, that, my friend is what should really count!

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Barracuda BC20

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:24 PM

Yesterday, we discussed the Barracuda BC10 Traditional Design stun gun.  I thought today, I’d discuss the Barracuda BC20.

The Barracuda BC20 carries 2 million volts of stun power.  And, the voltage is what penetrates clothing and such.  So, you want high voltage.  But, as important is the amperage.  All Barracuda Stun Guns are designed with 4.5 milliamps, while most units on the market only carry about 3 milliamps or so.  May not seem like much difference, but comparatively it is 50% more amperage.  And, the amperage is what causes the attacker’s muscles to freak out and send them to the ground.

So, if you want to protect yourself or your loved ones from an attack or a mugging, consider the Barracuda BC20.

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Barracuda Stun Guns

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:04 PM

Here’s a shot of the new Barracuda coming out soon.  While it’s production was discontinued for a while, its back.  Why?  Because its known as one of the best muscle cars of all time!

And, similarly, Barracuda Stun Guns are known as one of the best stun guns of all times, too.  The quality that goes into the manufacture of these weapons is unmatched.  Backed with a 5 year warranty, these self defense products will be around for quite some time to protect you against an attack.

With voltages ranging from 1 million to 3 million volts, you’re sure to be able to find just the right unit for yourself.

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