Home Surveillance Systems

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
posted by SmartStun 3:51 PM

There are all types and sizes of Home Surveillance Systems.  And, while they’re called “home” systems, they can be used anywhere, including offices.

Generally speaking, Home Surveillance Systems will be comprised of all necessary components to monitor via video surveillance and will record the footage for possible later use by law enforcement agencies.  A system will consist of a camera or cameras, cabling or wireless transmitters and a DVR or means to connect the system to a computer.

Some are somewhat complex with many cameras and monitor large areas.  Some are quite simple, like a hidden nanny cam.  This device is an everyday item like a lamp or a clock that has a built in camera and a DVR.  They’re generally used to videotape the activity in a small area.  They also usually have a built in microphone.

So, do some research and you’re sure to find a great, affordable solution.

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