Outdoor Security Cameras

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:06 PM

outdoor security camerasHave you seen the statistics for your area?  I’m talking about the crime statistics.  They publish ours in the newspaper each month.  STAGGERING!  Virtually every category saw an increase from last year to this year and most categories were double digit increases.  People are hungry and broke.  I know its not right, but they’re turning to crime to get by.  We have to turn to outdoor security cameras and other forms of protection to get by.

Whether you want a weapon or outdoor security cameras (or both) you have got to do something. Anyone sitting idly by and waiting for things to get better and hope that they don’t become the victim is a sitting duck.  As their neighbors are busy preparing their homes against a break in, they’re basically saying, come on over here burglar, my home’s not protected.  Where do you think the burglar or vandal is going to go?  To the one with the camera system or the one without the camera system?


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