Home Surveillance Systems

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:59 PM

You can find complete home surveillance systems in kits in many places.  And, you can find these kits in a varying degree of sizes and configurations.  But, before you start shopping, take a few minutes to consider your layout of needed cameras so that you can buy the most appropriate system for your need.

Sketch out on paper your property, then take a few minutes and decide where you’d like to put cameras.  This will help you determine the overall quantity of camera heads you’ll need.  Second, determine if they all need to be working cameras or if a couple can be fake surveillance cameras.  Once you know how many real working cameras you’ll need, you will know the size of the DVR you need.  You can now determine if you need or want any of the cameras to be wireless or if they’ll all be hard wired. Now, you’re ready to begin shopping for home surveillance systems.  You can compare kits quite easily on the internet to find the system that is best for your needs.


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