Alarm that Sounds Like Barking Dog

Friday, May 27, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:59 PM

barking dog alarmFunny thing, no matter what can be thought up is being made out there.  And, the Barking Dog Alarm, in my mind, is just one of those products.  Someone came up with the bright idea to make an alarm that sounds like a barking dog in the event that someone nears the front door or protected door of a home.

The barking dog alarm is an awesome product that truly sounds like a real, live ferocious dog.  They take minutes to install and are portable, so they’re great for an apartment dweller or renter who may be moving around every so often.  But, after install, the alarm is aimed at the area to protect and turned on.  Once on, if someone moves outside the protected area, the alarm gets set off and an incredibly ferocious dog goes into action.  All that, but you don’t have to feed them.  These units are affordable and effective at keeping away burglars and vandals.


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