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Monday, May 23, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:32 PM

home surveillance systemsProperty crime continues to soar.  Personal crimes continue to soar.  No matter what market or locale you’re in, the chances of someone burglarizing or vandalizing your property is greater today than ever before.  This explains why sales of home surveillance systems is skyrocketing.

All types of home surveillance systems are seeing a huge surge in sale.  From indoor hidden nanny cams and wireless ip security cameras to outdoor security camera systems and dummy outdoor security cameras, sales are up across the board.  It only makes sense.  People are trying to do two things here.  First, by installing these systems outside the home, they’re trying to tell burglars and vandals to keep moving down the road, don’t try here, you’ll get busted.  Hopefully, this averts the crime altogether, at least at their home.  Secondly, the indoor systems are to catch the evidence needed to put the criminals away in prison.  By getting the video footage, it’d be difficult to have any attorney get them off.


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