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Thursday, May 12, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:19 PM

outdoor security camerasI recently purchased some outdoor security cameras for my Father’s home.  He lives in the old part of Dallas and, while his neighborhood is nice, the surrounding neighborhoods are certainly less than desirable.  His house has been broken into a number of times so I figured it was time to get his place outfitted.

In addition to getting him set up with some real outdoor security cameras, I had a few fake or dummy security cameras installed for him.  Burglars or vandals have no real way of knowing which units are fake and which are real.  They both look the same from the ground.  Its just that the dummy cameras don’t have any actual camera equipment inside the housing.  These units are great for allowing a homeowner or business owner to expand the size or (seemingly) coverage of their system for just a few dollars more.  Fake cameras only cost about 20 bucks and install is nothing more than a couple of screws.  So, by spending a few minutes and a few dollars, my Father’s home know has the appearance of having 8 fully functioning cameras on the outside of his home.  Hopefully, no more break ins will occur!

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