Security Fake Cameras

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:14 PM

For those who want some really effective security for the home or business, but don’t have a fortune to spend, consider security security fake camerasfake cameras.  These things are super cool, super affordable and easy to install.

You see, security fake cameras are merely camera housings that get installed and are intended to fool a burglar or vandal into thinking you have a full blown surveillance system on your property.  For just $10-20 each, you can buy these fake surveillance cameras.  And, you can fake the burglar.  They take just minutes to install, because you only have to drive in a few screws and tuck in the fake cable.  Since they’re made by the same manufacturers as the real security cameras, you can rest assured that they look real.  They simply do not have the real camera inside the housing, so they’re much less expensive.  You should be able to install 5 or so of these fakes in 30-45 minutes.  That’s easy!

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