Dummy Outdoor Security Cameras

Friday, April 29, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:36 PM

dummy outdoor security camerasHow does inexpensive, easy to install and highly effective, all in relation to your home surveillance system sound to you?  Well, these all apply to dummy outdoor security cameras.  Most people never think about them.  But, they’re passing up a great investment.

You see, dummy outdoor security cameras look just like the real security cameras.  This is because they’re actually made by the same companies who make the real cameras.  And, they use the same parts.  However, they merely leave out the actual camera inside the housing.  So, not only is the cost much less expensive, but the installation is crazy easy.  Just screw in a few screws and tuck in the fake cable.  In minutes, literally, you’ll have some security camera (fakes) that will cause a potential burglar or vandal to think your home is protected.  And, you can buy these for anywhere from $10 to $20.  Now that’s a great investment.

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