Wireless Security Camera Systems

Monday, April 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:56 PM

For those of you who want a great security system, but have either a large home or a large area you want to keep under surveillance, wireless security camera systems are worth checking out.  Most people initially think they’re way more expensive than the hard wired type, but in reality, you might be surprised.

The reason most people think wireless security camera systems cost too much is because they look first at the cost of the cameras.  And, yes, wireless ones cost noticeably more than the hard wired type.  However, two substantial costs are installation labor and cost of other supplies, such as cabling.  With wireless camera systems, the installation time can be significantly reduced.  And, whether you’re paying someone else or factoring in the cost of your own time, time is money.  Also, since you don’t need as much cable, the reduced cost of needing much less cable, combined with the savings on installation labor, may just offset the higher cost of the wireless cameras.

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