Security Fake Cameras

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:46 PM

By now, most people know that I’m a huge fan of Security Fake Cameras.  They are an awesome way of keeping burglars and vandals away from your home without breaking the bank and without causing you to spend a lot of time installing them.  They are truly an amazing product.

Security Fake Cameras are camera heads that are made by the same companies that make the real cameras.  They simply do not install any of the camera technology inside the housing.  So, it looks just like the real security camera, it just costs much less.  And, the makers add a fake cable coming out of the back for the homeowner to “tuck” into a surface so it looks real.  Also, some fake surveillance cameras even have a flashing LED to further enhance the look and confuse the burglar.  They’ll never know its a dummy camera.  They’ll think its a bona fide outdoor security camera.  And, you will be safe inside your home.

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