Wireless Camera Systems for Security

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:18 PM

As with most things on the market, there are many versions of Security Camera Systems.  One that I think is quite important to consider is Wireless Security Camera Systems.

I say people should at least consider Wireless Security Camera Systems because, even though the cameras, themselves, might be a little bit more expensive than the hard wired kinds, the savings in buying less cable and the savings in reduced labor time and costs might just make up for the higher cost of the camera.  And, with how much simpler it is to install wireless cameras, just the “less headache” factor alone is worth quite a bit to me.  Honestly, though, most Camera Security Systems are a hybrid, in that they use some security cameras that are hard wired for locations nearest the monitoring station, and they’ll incorporate some wireless security cameras for those locations that are far away from the DVR or monitoring.  So, that’s why you should at least “consider” the wireless security camera advantage.

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