Those are Security Cameras, Dummy

Monday, April 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:07 PM

In my opinion, regardless of exactly what they’re doing, if a security camera is deterring crime, its an effective means of security protection.  Therefore, even a dummy security camera is a security camera.

That’s right, even though Dummy Security Cameras don’t necessarily function in the sense that they don’t record video, they still deter crime.  Since these dummy cameras look just like the real thing, a criminal or burglar is going to think they’re real security cameras and so they’ll be much less likely to break in.  And, so they’re providing a degree of security.  Fake surveillance cameras are really pretty cool.  Some even have blinking LED lights to further trick a burglar into thinking they’re functioning cameras.  But, in addition to being a lot less expensive than functioning surveillance cameras, they’re much easier to install.  Generally, all a homeowner or business owner has to do is drive a few screws and tuck the fake cable into the wall.  That’s it.

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