Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:59 PM

In speaking with a customer the other day, I was kindly reminded that not everyone deals with the same technology as I do every day and so I have to make sure and communicate the basics to everyone.  What I’m talking about is a customer who wanted to install a Security Camera System but didn’t want to go through the hassle of running cables all over his house.  He didn’t mind running some, but he just didn’t want to get into the attic and other creepy crawly places and deal with it.

That’s when I took a second and made sure he knew about Wireless Security Camera Systems.  These surveillance systems utilize the same monitoring and/or recording devices as the the hardwire types, and literally the cameras are the same, with just one difference.  Depending on the camera, it will either have a built in wireless transmitter or a seperate stand alone transmitter that gets placed near the camera.  By using a few wireless security cameras, this homeowner was able to the the surveillance that he wanted, without having to run hundreds of feet of video cable.  He’s happy!

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