Am I a Dummy (Security Camera)?

Monday, March 28, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:26 PM

For some reason, I can really relate to a Dummy Security Camera.  I know that’s gotta sound kinda stupid.  I mean, really, I do understand.  But, every now and then, something comes along that just really makes sense to us.  And, for me, a Dummy Security Camera just really makes sense.

If a burlgar or crook sees these on a house, they think they’re part of a real, functioning home surveillance system.  I mean, there’s no way that anyone can tell they’re not real.  They’re made by the same companies that make the real cameras.  They’re made from the same components.  They have a cable coming off the back.  Some even have a flashing LED light to further confuse the crook.  The Great part of these fake cameras is that they just don’t have the technology inside, so they’re a lot cheaper.  And, since they’re just dummy surveillance cameras, they don’t have to connct to expensive components.  So, again, I’m just a huge fan of these.

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