Need a 16CH DVR?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:28 PM

A DVR 16CH, or 16-channel DVR, is a pretty cool product.  But, there is also a complete surveillance system with the model number DVR 16CH, so you have to be sure what you’re looking for.

A 16 Channel DVR is just that, its a digital video recorder that can handle 16 inputs, typically which will be cameras.  But, the DVR 16CH Home Surveillance System is a complete system.  It is packed with all the cameras, cabling, mounting brackets, and you guessed it, a 16 channel DVR.  Now, the complete system can be purchased with all hard wired cameras or a combination of some hard and some wireless.  So, be  sure to check out both types.  In fact, I always recommend that, before the homeowner starts shopping, they first do a mock layout of their home surveillance needs.  This way, once the shopping starts, they won’t be overwhelmed with all the choices, but instead can quickly and satisfactorily find what they need without getting bogged down.

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