Dummy Security Cameras

Thursday, March 10, 2011
posted by SmartStun 6:11 PM

A friend of mine was talking to me about wanting to put a home surveillance system on his house, but that he wasn’t sure what to get and that they cost so much.   He wanted to put cameras at every angle to catch the burglar or vandal in the act.  He wanted cameras EVERYWHERE!

So, I told him about a pretty cool approach that would let him  put a lot of cameras out, but that wouldn’t cost him a whole bunch.  And, he could put the cameras out as his budget allowed.  I told him about Dummy Security Cameras.  In a nutshell, what I advised is that due to his limited budget today, but three or four dummy security cameras now and put them out.  Since they don’t truly record, he doesn’t have to buy all the electronics right now.  But, if a burglar or vandal were to pass by his house, they’d think it was being monitored.  Then, as time and money permits, he could add a couple more fake cameras.  Finally, once he had saved enough, he could install a fully functional system, but with far fewer real cameras.  He liked the idea!

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