Security Camera: Real or Fake

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:08 PM

What do you think the best investment is for a security camera?  Do you thinkinvesting in a fake surveillance camera or a real surveillance camera is the smartest bet?

Here’s the two arguments.  1.  A real security camera will get video footage of whatever takes place should a crime actually occur.  The cost is greater than a fake and you have to have more equipment, you have to have a full recording or video streaming system in order to view the actual footage.  With all this equipment, installation is more complex and will cost more, too.  2.  A Fake Surveillance Camera costs much much less and doesn’t require any real installation and it does not require additional equipment for recording.  But, if an actual crime does occur, it will not record any video footage and so the ciminal stands a chance to get away.  The real plus with the Fake is that it doesn’t cost much and it still stands to deter crime because the criminal will think its real.

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