Fake Surveillance Camara

Thursday, January 27, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:12 PM

When designing a camera security system for your home or office, don’t only consider where you want to place cameras, consider also, what types of cameras should be placed at each location.  Consider the possible placement of a wireless security camera, a fake surveillance camera, or possible two or three throughout your system.

Careful attention to design will help minimize your cost, increase the ease ofinstallation and overall provide you with a better camera security system.  For instance, if you were to place a fake surveillance camera at your front door, you’d probably be doing yourself a disservice, as you most likely want to capture an image of virtually everyone who comes to your front door.  But, if you have a spot in the middle of your back yard that might be flanked by a real security camera on each side, then placing a dummy in the middle, might be a good investment.  They don’t cost much, but will still deter criminals as they think the whole perimeter is monitored.

So, again, give some careful thought to your system design.

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