Camera and DVR

Thursday, January 27, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:48 PM

Whether you call them hidden nanny cams or hidden spy cams, they’re the same thing.  Essentially, they are an everyday device, like a wall clock or boombox that is real and works, but that also has a camera and dvr built into it.

The reason for taking an everyday device and installing a camera and dvr into it is so that the owner can place the unit somewhere inconspicuously in the home or office and spy on what’s happening when they’re not around.  Whether someone suspects a cheating spouse, or employee theft, or a teenager smoking pot in the bedroom, these hidden spy cams will get the video evidence needed. 

These units are highly functional and quite popular.  Honestly, since they are a real, everyday object, you never know how many times you’ve actually been recorded somewhere.  Home owners and business owners are the biggest buyers of these cameras and dvrs.  They have to protect their lives and their property.

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