Get a Barking Dog Alarm

Thursday, February 17, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:30 PM

I recommend to many people that they should get a barking dog alarm.  They’re quick to install, relatively inexpensive, highly effective and portable.

That’s right, an electronic barking dog alarm is quick to install and shouldn’t take more than just a few minutes to mount it, power it up and aim it.  Once its aimed, a couple of tests and adjustments should be all it takes to protect your doorway against a burglar or home invader.

Priced somewhere around $100, to get protection for your home or apartment for this small sum of money, I think you’re doing quite well.  Most full blown systems which work just as well can cost upwards of hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

The ferocious bark of the electronic dog is so real sounding that I cannot tell that its not a real dog and virtually everyone I’ve asked, also cannot tell the difference.  So, a burglar who’s is hopped up on adrenaline or drugs is not going to stand around and analyze whether its a real dog or not.  They’ll be outta there!

And, if you move, you can take it with you.  This is super important for apartment dwellers as they tend to be more transient.  But, its also helpful for almost anyone.

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