Surveillance Systems for the Home

Monday, February 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:03 PM

With how bad crime has gotten, many people are checking into home surveillance systems

And, while there are all sizes and types of home surveillance systems, you almost cannot go wrong with any of the prepackaged systems you can find.  I mean, as long as you find one from what seems to be a reputable dealer who is not just selling cheap Chinese Crap, you should be fine.

These kits come with virtually everything you need to have a complete camera security system for your home or business.  I’ve seen kits with only 4 cameras and I’ve seen some up to 16 cameras.  And, I’ve seen some that are all hardwired cameras and some that integrate some wireless security cameras for those cameras placed long distances from the central processing unit or DVR.  So, there’s quite a bit of diversity available in these systems.  Take a few moments to spec out the basic layout you’ll need and you’re sure to find several choices to consider.

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