Fake Camera Security

Saturday, February 12, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:22 PM

A lot of people to like to utilize fake camera security to protect their home or business.  But, because the fake cameras are so real looking, you never know just how many places you pass each day are using this type of security.

That’s right, people use fake camera security to protect their places of business and their homes because A) it’s so quick and easy to install the fake cameras; and, B) because the fakes are so much less expensive to buy.  Think about it.  In addition to the fake cameras costing less than their real cousins, because they don’t have any camera technology inside, they also don’t require any sort of DVR or LCD Monitor or any type of processing equipment.

But, know these fake cameras are so real that many offer features like a blinking LED light to make it REALLY look like the real thing.  The LED is powered by an on board battery that usually lasts for months.  Quick and Affordable Fake Camera Security.  How awesome!

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