Security Cameras for Outdoors

Friday, February 11, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:37 PM

Many people want security cameras for their home.  They buy a system and begin installing it, only to realize they didn’t get any outdoor security cameras.

Yes, there are special outdoor security cameras that are designed to hold up to the weather and elements.  So, be sure, if you’re planning to install a security camera system for your home or business to first lay out where you will want to  install cameras and what they will be sighted upon.  Then, count how many will be indoor placements and how many will be outdoor placements so you can get the proper number of each.  You can use outdoor units inside, but you don’t want to do the reverse.

Also, for any cameras that will be a long way from the DVR or whatever monitoring device you’ll be using, consider whether it makes sense to purchase a wireless camera so you don’t have to install so much cabling.  It’ll be much quicker an easier.  They may cost a touch more than the wired versions, but the savings in no cabling and less time to install may just be worth it.

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