Outdoor Dummy Security Cameras

Thursday, February 10, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:26 PM

Do you know what Dummy Outdoor Security Cameras are?  They’re also referred to as Fakes sometimes.  Either way, they’re the same thing for home and business security.

What happens is this:  To make Dummy Outdoor Security Cameras, the same manufacturers who make the real security cameras simply turn out the housings.  These are the same housings and so they look just like the real thing.  They come with the same mounting brackets and they usually have the same cabling coming out the back.  Many models even add a flashing LED light to indicate its working!  Bottom line, these things look like a real camera!!

You may be asking, why do people use them if they don’t really work, though?  Well, even though they may not work as a recording device, they still are effective at deterring crime, which is what most people want to accomplish.  The criminal sees them on a house or business and says “hey, why would I mess with that house, when the one down the street doesn’t have a system?”  And, since the units don’t have real cameras, they’re very cost effective.  Check’em out!  You can find several models.

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