Dummy Outdoor Security Cameras

Saturday, February 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:10 PM

I love it when people call and ask what I recommend as being the best buy in security camera systems.  Almost always, without hesitation, my response to them is “dummy outdoor security cameras“.  I usually get a “Huh?”

Think about it.  Using dummy outdoor security cameras is virtually a no brainer.  Be a criminal for a minute.  You’re staking out a home to burlgarize.  You see it has two cameras on that end and one over the driveway and one over there and another over there.  Red LED lights are blinking, indicating that they’re actually “on”.  You say, “hey, I’m no dumb burglar.”  You go the next house….no cameras.

I know I said to use dummy cameras.  And, for about third of the cost of real functioning cameras, a homeowner can buy dummy cameras that even have the red LED flashing away all night.  So, again, for very cheap, you can install a real looking camera housing and not even have to run the wires all the way.  EASY!

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