Hidden Nanny Cams

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:27 PM

When you’re setting up hidden nanny cams, you have to first imagine what the image will look like to the camera.

Most hidden nanny cams are the prepacked units that fit inside a regular looking home device like a table lamp, boombox or radio alarm clock.  And, when setting these up, you have to aim them at the area you’re wanting to monitor keeping in mind that the field of vision is a little limited.  So, once you have it set where you think you want it, run a test on it.  Then, play it back and see if you’re really getting the area you’re wanting.

If not, reposition and retest the camera until you get it just where you want it to capture that horrible nanny or that cheating spouse or that child you suspect is stealing.

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