Dummy Surveillance Cameras

Saturday, June 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:44 PM

dummy surveillance camerasI’m  a fan of quality products that are so stupidly simply, but highly effective.  Dummy Surveillance Cameras are one such product that I hold in pretty high regards for its cost to reward ratio.  These things are affordable and highly effective.

Dummy Surveillance Cameras are fake cameras that look just like the real thing.  They look real because they’re made by the same companies who make the real cameras and they use many of the same parts.  So, you can’t tell the difference.  You can’t tell that there is no camera technology inside the casing….and neither can a criminal.  Dummy outdoor security cameras sell for $10-15 and you can find a few different models and styles to choose from.  They take minutes to install as they only require a couple of screws, then tucking in the fake cable.  You can put up six or eight of these units in a matter of minutes and for about a hundred bucks.  Now, that’s a great product.


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