Wall Clock Cameras

Friday, June 24, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:32 PM

wall clock camerasWhether they are being used for keeping a secure eye on a property or for spying on unsuspecting people, Wall Clock Cameras are highly effective at doing what they’re designed to do.  In a very inconspicuous manner, these clocks simply hang on the wall and tell the time just as they should do.  So no one is the wiser.

But, for the unsuspecting, that time piece hanging on the wall is really one of the wall clock cameras available for purchase today.  These units generally have a built in camera that is so discreet people don’t see it.  And, they can also have a microphone built in, although some models don’t.  Finally, they can either have cords for sending the video signal to a recorder or they can have a dvr built into the unit.  So, when the owner comes home, they simply pull out the memory card and begin viewing the recordings on a separate computer.  Be careful, these guys are more popular than you might think.


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