Home Surveillance Equipment

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:26 PM

These days, there are so many types of home surveillance equipment available, you can really have some fun checking it all out and installing something that peaks your interest.  For instance, my brother and his wife were recently selling their house.  And, anytime someone entered to check it out, he logged into his home surveillance system with his cell phone and watched as people walked around.  He could even hear their comments.

You can install something like this, or some other kind of home surveillance equipment.  For instance, there is a camera you can install that, when it senses motion, it turns on and sends and email to you.  Inside the email is a link to click on and watch what’s going on inside your home.  I think that’s pretty hip!  Or, of course, there are any number of hidden nanny cams for spying on people when they’re not suspecting it.  Have fun.  Log on and check out some of this stuff.  You may just find something that interests you and may be even find a way to prevent a burglary or something in your home.


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