How Dummy’s Determine the Number of Security Cameras

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:22 PM

dummy security camerasIts hard to go into much detail in a blog, so hopefully, this short article will be helpful.  If you’re going to install surveillance cameras or dummy security cameras at your home, this should help a little.  First, sketch a layout of your property on paper and determine what’s the best viewpoint to install cameras so not only will they get good footage, but they’ll also be visible by anyone wanting to enter your property.  This is the concept of preventing a crime, rather than just catching someone in the act.  I think I’d rather prevent a crime, rather than mess with the cleanup of one.

After you’ve done this, now, take a look at which locations really need working security cameras.  What I mean, is that you can stretch your security dollar by installing some dummy security cameras, too.  The criminal won’t know that some aren’t real.  So, maybe install four real cameras in locations where getting video footage is essential.  But, then, maybe you can install 4 fake surveillance cameras where they’re more visible than functional.  The criminal sees them and  hopefully keeps walking down the road away from your home or business.  I suggested 4 and 4 here, but perhaps the real number in your installation is more like 6 and 4, or whatever the actual number may be.  By reviewing the sketch, you should be able to get a good idea of the actual number you need.


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