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Monday, June 6, 2011
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Here’s a little story on Home Surveillance Equipment

Ed decided that it was time to finally figure out what was going

His wife, Amber, had been acting strangely and he just couldn’t
figure it out.  Was she cheating?  All the signs pointed to it –
her loss of interest in their sex life, her sudden love of golf
(a sport she had refused to learn for him), and she was no longer
upset when his work schedule made him late for dinner or required

One night Amber received a phone call.  Ed had answered the phone
and the man on the other end asked for Amber.  Still trying to
trust his wife, Ed handed the phone to Amber without asking who
was calling.  Maybe it was someone from her work.  Or it could be
one of her fellow students from her night classes.  Ed hoped. But
Ed immediately knew he was wrong to keep assuming the best.  When
Amber took the phone, she appeared nervous.  She was not at all
chatty and responded to the man on the other end of the phone
with simple yes and no answers.

When Amber got off the phone, she told Ed that she would be
meeting a friend in a neighboring town on Saturday and probably
wouldn’t be home until Sunday evening.  She said that it was her
friend’s husband calling to request that Amber visit his wife who
was suffering from the loss of another friend – one who had died
in a tragic car accident. Amber never mentioned the friend’s
name. Now, Ed loved his wife and hated to bring the future of
their marriage down to an issue of money, but Ed was financially
well-off and stood to lose a lot if his wife would chose to leave

So… the investment in a Portable DVR System –
was well worth it.  He found a great system – one that was wireless
and compact. In addition, it provided real time recording audio and
video, allowing him to inconspicuously set up surveillance in his wife’s
car. Following her in a rented car, he was able to see and hear
her cell phone calls – the calls she made to him…the man she
planned to be with that weekend.

Using a hidden camera and his new DVR equipment, Ed continued to
tape his wife and to monitor her escapades.  Once he had all the
proof he needed, he confronted her.

He still doesn’t know whether or not they will make it through
this difficult time.  What he does know, is that if she leaves,
his evidence will keep her from taking everything with her.

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