Dummy Security Cameras

Thursday, May 26, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:57 PM

dummy security camerasAs people continue to look for ways to protect their homes and families against burglars, vandals and break-ins, more and more people are turning to dummy security cameras for this protection they seek.  They’re a great product at this time when the economy stinks and no one can afford to spend anything.

You see, dummy security cameras look exactly like the real thing.  They’re even made by the same companies that make real security cameras.  The companies just leave out the actual camera equipment inside the housing.  So, essentially the buyer is buying only the housing.  Because of this, these fake surveillance cameras are much less expensive.  Not only that, but the buyer doesn’t have to buy a dvr, cabling or any other equipment.  And, installation is a snap as the homeowner simply drives a couple of screws in and the dummy camera is installed.  Now, when burglars come by, they see the dummy cameras and keep on walking….


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