Clock with Camera

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:47 PM

Better be on your best behavior!  No matter what room you’re in or who’s house you’re in.  You never know who may be keeping anyclock with camera eye on you.  No, I’m not talking about Google, at least not yet, anyway.  I’m talking about a clock with camera hanging on the wall.  You don’t know that the camera is there.  But, you will if you do something wrong and the video footage gets used as evidence against you.

Seriously, hidden nanny cams are coming in all shapes and sizes these days.  From Boombox cameras and a clock with camera to the Watch Camera (HC-Watch) and a camera in a pen.  These things are everywhere and they may just be watching you.  The items the cameras are integrated into are fully functioning, everyday objects.  So, you don’t know to suspect that they’re spying on you…but they are!  So, that’s why I say you need to be on your best behavior at all times.  A friend recently told me how his girlfriend bought him a clock radio to put next to his bed.  HeHeHe….she dumped him a few days later because she found out he was cheating on her.  Serves him right, but still….

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