HC-Watch Camera

Friday, May 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:13 PM

hc-watchOkay, technology continues to create some really cool products.  Once such cool spy gadget is the Hidden Camera Watch with built in DVR, aka HC-Watch.  This thing is awesome.  Catch people in the act of doing what they shouldn’t be.  You can either be wearing the watch or simply have it in a room where the act is being conducted.

On the HC-Watch, the camera is built into the face of the watch and resides just under the number 2.  A microphone is also built into the unit along with a 4gig DVR.   Think about that!  You’ve got 4 gig of storage in this little watch.  Once you have all the audio and video surveillance you need in this hidden spy camera, simply plug it into the USB port of any computer with an mpeg viewer and you can watch the footage.  No special software is needed.  No special knowledge or editing software.  Simply plug and play….and bust them in the act.  Suspect a cheating spouse?  Thieving employee?  Bad kids?  Catch’em!


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