Prepare with Outdoor Security Cameras

Thursday, May 19, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:54 PM

outdoor security camerasThe condition of the country continues to worsen as unemployment and underemployment cause crime to skyrocket.  People are having trouble paying bills.  People are having trouble buying food.  People are resorting to taking what’s not theirs.  What’s worse, the economy is predicted to worsen rapidly over the next 24 months, which means crime will worsen, too.  You should prepare your home or business now with outdoor security cameras.

We all need to do what we can.  And, the first way to stop a crime is to let a criminal know their chances of succeeding are less at your place than elsewhere.  I know, its sad, but you have to be a little selfish.  By installing outdoor security cameras prominently on your property, a would be burglar or vandal will know right up front that if they try to damage or break in to your place, they stand a chance of getting caught and serving time.  While it may seem a little expensive to speed $500 to $2500 on a camera security system, imagine coming home to find your daughter and wife tied up and all your belongings strewn about.  Imagine all your valuable gone.  $1000 seems kinda cheap, now.


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