Camera in Pen

Monday, May 16, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:38 PM

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  Camera in Pen….Well, its actually quite a product.  It looks and writes like a regular writing pen.  But, itcamera in pen has so much more to offer.  Be stealth in recording people.

In addition to being a fully functional writing pen, this unit also has a hidden spy camera with built in DVR.  It even has a microphone built into it.  You can get up close and personal video and audio recordings without anyone around you knowing.  To use this camera in pen, just set it up and walk away to capture footage of someone doing what they’re not supposed to.  Or, turn it on while you’re talking with someone and capture everything they say and do.  You’ll have the evidence you need to do what you have to.  Catch a cheating spouse or thieving employee.  Or, just have fun with it.  These are really great to get funny video that can later be played at someone’s birthday party.  They’ll  never know how you got the video of them.

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