Alarm Clock with Camera

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:10 PM

There are all sorts of Hidden Nanny Cams and Lord knows I’ve written about many of them.  However, year  after year, there is onealarm clock with camera that seems to more popular and a better seller than the others.  The Alarm Clock with Camera has always been one of the best sellers.

The Alarm Clock with Camera is, as you might suspect, a fully functioning alarm clock.  Its got a digital display and looks just like what you’d expect an alarm clock to look like today.  However, these units are very different from just being a clock.  They also have a hidden spy camera integrated into the unit.  You can order them with Black and White Cameras or Color Camera, your choice.  And, you can get them as a wired camera or a wireless camera with transmitter and receiver.  You can even get a high powered transmitter system if you need to send the signal far.  And, you can even get them with a built in DVR, if you want.  So, inside one self contained unit is everything you need to spy on a bedroom or really any room of a home or business.  Careful!  One might be spying on you.

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