A New Boombox Camera

Saturday, April 30, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:45 PM

A friend of mine got a new boombox camera as a present for his wife.  But, alas, he didn’t know what he was REALLY getting. boombox camera Fortunately, he was a good boy and she was a fun spirit.  But, this same scenario could have played out much differently.

He didn’t know his present was a boombox camera.  He thought it was just a boombox.  So, he set it up and used it for a few weeks.  Then, one day at a party they threw for a few close friends, the wife brought out some video footage of her hubby dancing in the nude.  She did this as a joke, but she played it on the big flatscreen TV in their living room.  My friend had no idea that the boombox had  camera and dvr in it.  So, yes, he was acting silly one day when he was home alone.  And, his wife busted him because she had turned on the hidden camera to capture his actions.  We all rolled on the floor when we saw what she did.  Well, my friend didn’t.  He just turned 100 shades of red!

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