A Great Hidden Nanny Cam

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:37 PM

Technology is so fun…as long as its not being used against you, that is.  One such technology that I’m a fan of is Hidden Nanny Cams.  That’s right, this is where they take an everyday object and turn them into a hidden spy camera.  Cool…

Yep, they take clocks, mirrors, even electrical outlets and EXIT signs and turn them into hidden nanny cams.  They take a fully functioning item and load it with a camera and dvr.  Then, the homeowner buys them and places them somewhere that you’d expect to see it.  They might place a boombox camera on a shelf in a bedroom.  And, unfortunately, this is where they may get misused.  Of course, anything, even a gun, should not be considered bad.  Its only the actions of the person using the item that might be bad.  So, yes, you might be spied upon and secretly video taped doing something you don’t want someone else to see.  But, when used properly, nanny cameras are really pretty cool items.

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