Camera in a Wall Clock

Thursday, April 7, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:35 PM

You walk into a house and do whatever it is that you do while you’re in there.  Maybe itsyour friend’s house and maybe its someone else’s.  You pass by the TV.  You pass by the wall clock.  You pass by the dining room table.  Did you notice the camera in the wall clock?

Yep, you were just videotaped by a Wall Clock Camera and didn’t even know it.  They’re sneaky!  Commonly known as Hidden Nanny Cams or a Nanny Camera, these sneaky cameras (and usually dvr’s) are built into everyday objects like clocks, boomboxes, desk speakers….even an EXIT sign, for crying out loud.  They were originally developed to keep an eye on the nanny to ensure someone’s child wasn’t being abused, but their use has grown substantially to spying on a cheating spouse, a thieving employee, even a child who might be stealing from a parent.  Of course there are many possible uses, but heed the wall clock camera.  It has eyes!

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