Hidden Nanny Cams are Cool

Thursday, March 31, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:12 PM

Here’s something I’ll share with you:  I just love hidden nanny cams.  Of course, though, only when they’re NOT being used on me!  Honestly, there’s no telling if anyone has ever used one on me.  I mean, you can’t tell.  You almost have to just suspect that someone is after evidence on you or you just wouldn’t even think that something is a nanny cam.  They’re sneaky, but cool.

You see, Hidden Nanny Cams utilize real items, like a real Sony Alarm Clock Cd or a  BoomBox or a Real Wallclock.  Then, a camera and dvr get added to it.  The nanny cam gets placed somewhere where you’d expect to see it.  For instance, a wall clock camera might be placed on a kitchen wall.  Or, a boombox camera might be placed on a shelf in a family room.  Then, it gets positioned and turned on.  And, when you happen by, or more importantly, when an abusive nanny or cheating spouse happens by, the unit gets the video evidence needed.  But, you’d never know the boombox wasn’t just a boombox!  Until you got blasted by your accuser!

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